Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Beginning cleanup

I haven't posted in this dump for a while. I think the "art" of blogging is a dying technology for a couple reasons. One - it has been replaced by Twitter, Pintrest, image boards, etc. Two the technology was inundated by everyone and cream that rose to the top was licked off by a cat or something leaving behind the bitter curds or coffee or however you wish to apply this. Thankfully there are Google filters to help weasel out the prolific idiots that post as much as they can to sell their consulting services. You know who they are for Oracle, SQL Server, Windows and Redhat. Yeah, those guys.

Anything no longer valid or usable will go bye bye.

Anything requiring an update might get it (depends upon how I'm feeling that day)

Good rants will be kept; at least 0.00000000000000000000017 percent of the planet likes to hear me complain.

The really good stuff will get published again.