Thursday, January 20, 2011

VMWare host-only network, part one

I'm fartin' around with host-only networking in VMWare Workstation and publishing steps I have used.

VM1 – domain controller with DNS

What you will need:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • VMWare Workstation (will differ for other virtualization products)
  • hardware with at least 4 GB of memory and 200 GB of disk
  • patience
  • some beer or alcohol of choice helps too


  1. Create a VM for Windows 2008 Server (easy install)
  2. Modify VM configuration to have a single NIC, host-only network
  3. Let easy install do the OS and VMware tools
  4. Log in as Administrator then set up the NIC with a static IP address (usually with yyy usually 128, subnet default gateway
  5. Personal preference: change the computer name and description from the default WIN-K7AATU-BARADA-N1KT08 to something reasonable and easy to remember
  6. Reboot
  7. Log in as Administrator
  8. Run dcpromo.exe; Active Directory Domain Services will begin installing
  9. At the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard leave "Use Advanced mode installation"; Next
  10. Next
  11. Create a new domain in a new forest; Next
  12. Enter a Fully Qualified Domain Name of the forest root domain (,,, ...); Next
  13. Select Windows Server 2008 as the Forest Functional Level; Next
  14. In Additional Domain Controller Options page, select DNS server; Next
  15. Click Continue for the manual delegation message
  16. Accept the defaults for database, log files and SYSVOL folders; Next
  17. Enter a Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password (DSRM); Next
  18. Summary; Next
  19. Check Reboot on completion then go get a beer or five
  20. Log in as Administrator of your new domain controller and finish your beers


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