Thursday, January 27, 2011

New mobos and 16GB memory

So I'm going through Newegg looking at motherboard plus AMD processor combo deals, tempting myself to spend money. I want a system with 16GB of memory so I can do virtualization (as in Windows DC, SQL Server, Oracle Database all running at the same time). The first five motherboards I look at support 16GB of DDR3 memory in their specifications at Newegg and at the manufacturer website but when you look at the memory compatibility list NONE of them have verified configurations with 16GB of memory. NONE of them. How can you claim support without verification? The most common verified configuration was 2GB of memory. Who the FRAK buys a high end motherboard with the intent of having only 2GB of memory. That will barely run Windows 7 Ultra Professionasupercalifrakkinfantastic 64bit turbo while watching Blue-Ray movies and playing Crysis 2 full screen at 2 billion frames per second.

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