Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HTC EVO the first month

I have had my HTC EVO for over a month now. The experience has been good so far.

I have a couple of nitpicks. The message indicator light should flash while the device is connected to a charger or USB. SMS messages and mail messages should have the option of repeating the notification tone until responded to (like a pager).

Battery life is poor but what can anyone expect. Does anyone really believe they will be watching HD video over 4G without sucking that wafer-thin battery dry in less than an hour? If I rarely use the device the battery will be around 53 percent charged by the end of the day; with no Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth or GPS services active. The wife uses Pandora all day at work so she leaves the phone attached via USB all day. Anyone texting, talking and Facebarfing and Twitching all day will likely not have a charge at the end of the day.

The 4G service is now available around my house out in the middle of nowhere but does not appear to be available in downtown Columbus where I work (strange). When I ran speed tests using 4G I was getting very mixed results depending upon where I was and what destination I was hitting. The down speed was comparable with Wi-Fi but the up-speed was much faster about half the time. The whole 4G experience is going to need a year or two before it is widely usable and stable and firmware for phones with that service is stable.

I have also paid my first bill. The initial shock took a few beers to get through.

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