Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Okay, I'm one of the sheep now

I purchased a HTC EVO smart phone and service plan. I feel, strange...

It is a really nice device. Calling this and all other new generation of devices a phone is really stupid. A phone is something you shove in your ear and talk to someone with. This is a mobile device, not a phone.

It has the Android 2.2 system, etc. etc. You can look all of that crap up on Google.

Speaking of Google, the synchronization with Google contacts was instantaneous. Within two minutes the device was activated and all of my contacts were in the phone and ready to use. That is very awesome. Facebook and Yahoo crap works too.

The process of purchasing the device took two hours. I have a history with, um, Tnirps. It took nine years to clear up this history and it still was not totally clean when we went to the Tnirps store. The Tnirps store was a petri dish of the most odd, obnoxious, and just some of the worst examples of humanity. The chick with the tattoos and the half mohawk was interesting. Then there was the two gangstas that were both stoned solid and bitching about the five minute wait. Disgusting. 

What sucks about the HTC EVO is that Tnirps is charging us an extra $10 a month for 4G service that does not exist in any consistently reliable form within a hundred miles of the city. What a crock. The stand Tnirps takes is, tough cookies; pay the $10 and we might get you 4G service by November.

Just because I am one of the sheep now does not make me not hate the people that drive while using their phones and devices. I saw some woman trying to manage her mobile device while driving on I-70 in rush hour traffic; not paying attention at all to the road and vehicles in front of her.

They should create a special lane for cell phone drivers; just like the special lane for bus and taxi services. Every mile should have a turn off that leads into a car crusher so if the driver is not paying attention they get in a one way lane to a 6 foot square of death. If you get to your destination without crashing into someone or causing an accident behind you or getting demolished by the idiot on the phone behind you and can pay attention enough to not get sucked into the car crusher then congratulations.

Once I get past making backgrounds for my home pages and ring tones using Bender from Futurama I might actually learn how to use the device and have it become a valuable business and social (bwah hah hah) asset.


David Carver said...

Congrats on the EVO. My Nexus One rocks. Get Angry Birds, you'll waste a lot of time, another must have "Soccer Livescores", constant live scores every day. QuickSettings is a great little app for turning off your APN when you don't want to waste the band width. And if you want to go back to playing FIFA at any time, EA has FIFA 2010 for $5, and it's pretty good.


Grouchy said...

Already got Angry Birds which confirms my status in the flock of sheep (I don't think anybody with an Android or iOS phone does not have the birds).

HTC Sense UI already comes with widgets that turns on/off 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS.

I have found the applications I actually use the most are Google Goggles, Facebook for Android, Dropbox, Handcent SMS (wife like to text, I don't).

The built in widgets for calendar, mail, clock, alarm clock, voice search and voice dialing are more than adequate.

I'm happy so far.

Now if we can a consistent signal down here, and the 4G that we are paying for, and the fix for 4G that doesn't cause the phone to lag like it was running Windows, and the ability to get rid of crap like NASCAR and other Sprint crap without rooting the device...