Thursday, July 08, 2010

Importing .csv into Google contacts

Yesterday I started work on creating a comma separated values file to import into Google for my looming smart phone purchase.

I added a fake contact, Rod Vanhugendong, and all of Rod’s contact information including work, personal, birthday, etc. I exported that contact to a .csv file so I could get column headers and know where to put data.

I put a group of contacts in, saved the file and then imported the data.

My first attempt failed because all of the data got shoved into notes, not the individual fields. I searched Google help and found little from Google but numerous posts from individuals having similar issues. There were two solutions so I tried one and that appeared to work, eventually. The solution that worked put everything into sections with column headings like Section 1-Mobile.

More on this later; I had some time to kill during lunch.


David Carver said...

So are you going Android?

Grouchy said...

Yeah that looks like the winner right now. I am finding it hard to justify a $200 phone which rules out iPhone4, EVO, Droid and Droid X. For service, there are 4 against and 1 for AT&T. Most seem to agree Verizon has the best network and Sprint has the most affordable plans. Verizon would be $60 a month in data alone (2 phones) so Sprint is coming out ahead with $30 unlimited data for both of us. The HTC Hero should be adequate for anything I would want to do or need for work

David Carver said...

I've got the NexusOne and it works well. Wife keeps trying to steal it. The HTC Hero is Android 2.1 based which should do for a while. NexusOne just got Android 2.2, but 2.1 is good.