Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to school, save big?

I'm looking at the most recent Tramlaw savings newsletter and it had a back to school section aimed at college students. Yes, you new and returning college students can save money on college essentials like MP3 players, Oisiv flat panel LCD TVs and video games.

Huh? What is wrong with that picture.

First question, MP3 players? Get with the times. Most every smart phone and semi-intelligent phone, and flat out dumb phone can play your MP3 library. Why purchase another device; unless you have some Batman utility belt fetish?

Flat panel LCD? How about letting mom and dad have the LCD while you take their hand me down television. Who has the higher percentage of being burglarized and getting that nice, new LCD stolen; someone living on campus maybe?

Video games? Maybe for Christmas but not for new students. I'm also guessing that anyone already into video games has already been nurtured through childhood by five or six game consoles and probably does not need a new one. Serious gamers are going to want a gamer PC (see below) with quad-core, multi-video, SSD in RAID-0 goodness; which they also probably already have.

High ticket electronics for college students should start at laptops/netbooks. In this day and age they are almost a necessity.

In all fairness to Tramlaw, they do have an "off to college" department page that advertises their cheap-ass furniture and essentials like appliances, vacuum cleaners,  bedding, cheap storage and microwaves. That department also advertises the MP3 players, video games and mini-fridges that should be secondary to everything else a college student is going to need like outrageously priced books and lab materials, tuition, rent, fuel, utilities, food (Tramlaw covers that one, though), transportation and communications.

But hey, that is what student loans are for, right?

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