Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hands free texting

I just saw a spot on the local news about hands free texting. You talk into your bluetooth headset and your voice is converted to text so you can text your friends or post an Twitter update on your way home from work.


Why are people so desperate to do anything but drive when they are driving a car? Do we really need more distractions while operating machines capable of causing serious injury and death when used irresponsibly? Does that bitch on her cell phone yelling at me while speeding off in the wrong direction in the Walmart parking lot really need technology to Twitter the deal she just got kitty litter?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 to WHS shares

Ok so I have this Windows Home Server and I also have an Ubuntu 10.04 desktop that I would like to connect to this Windows Home Server. I tried Nautilus Windows Network and none of the work groups would mount. The original document from the Internet (duplicated about eighty times on different servers) offers no help beyond the "it should be there".

One post on Ubuntu forums suggested making a directory in /mnt for each Windows Home Server then mounting each share with mount -t cifs. To me this seems like a lot of work but I have not found another way to get this to work so install smbfs and create some directories.

sudo aptitude install smbfs
for i in Documents Music Photos Software Videos; do mkdir -p ~/Grouchy-WHS/$i; done

To get shares to mount I had to specify a user and a password in the options but a single line for loop did the trick.

for i in Documents Music Photos Software Videos; do sudo mount -t cifs -o user=grouchy,password=getbent //Grouchy-WHS.local/$i ~/Grouchy-WHS/$i; done

Okay, now all I have to do is type the above line in whenever I want to get to the shares. That sounded stupid, so I tried making a custom panel launcher. No success. I eventually created a script to handle the mount and unmount.

for i in Documents Music Photos Software Videos; do sudo umount //Grouchy-WHS.local/$i; done

Both work from the terminal but I cannot get them to work from the panel application. It seems so simple.