Sunday, January 31, 2010

No time for stupid

I try not to be in a hurry during most of my life. On the roads I try not to rush things especially in rough weather. When developing I try to do things right the first time instead of pushing something out and then dealing with the problems later. There is one instance, however, when I become angry; when my time gets wasted by stupid people.

There should be a gate with a short IQ test guarding the entrance of every self-scan lane at a supermarket. Tonight I picked the self-scan lane with the fewest people in it. One person with two small containers. That seemed reasonable enough. Not for this complete waste of human genetic material. 

The first problem, this dude was eating out of one of the containers. After scanning the first, unopened container he places it on top of the machine instead of into the bag or at least onto the area that measures the weight of the item you just scanned. So he waits until the bagging error message comes up and presses the button to skip bagging.

Next, this idiot tries to scan the container he is eating out of. His fingers are sticky to begin with so he is already limited in dexterity. The bar code is on the side of the container so he then tries to angle the container so it will scan and not spill the contents. It never occurs to this idiot during the eight or nine attempts to scan the container to put the lid back on the container for the two or three seconds needed to scan the damn thing. Eventually, he does get the thing to scan. Does he put it in the bag? No, he puts it on top of the machine and waits the five to ten seconds for the scanner to yell at him so he can press the skip bagging button.

He then starts feeding money into the cash input as the machine repeatedly asked him if he was done scanning crap and was ready to start feeding the thing money. You are probably wondering where the cell phone comes in. It was about ten seconds before the machine locked up and required the cashier to come over and fix things. At least he did not stop screwing up the self-scan machine to talk on his phone but instead placed the phone on top of the machine and talked to it. However, he is now out of cash and wants to start feeding coins into a coil slot with tape on it and a large sign next to it stating the device cannot accept change.

He pouts for a moment and then barks at the cashier to come fix the machine. It takes the cashier about a minute or two to log in to the machine, reset it, eject the cash in the cash feeder and then set his whole transaction to be handled elsewhere to keep things moving. Thank you. What should take twenty seconds on a rough day takes more than five minutes as the lines at the 20 items or less and self-scan extend beyond the edge of the aisles (but are still moving).

I should not be worried about five minutes out of the (hopefully) millions of minutes in my life but I do let it get to me. I hate waiting for stupid crap like that.