Friday, September 25, 2009

Drugs, doctors, dumb gripe

I heard the most interesting conversation outside the door on the examination room I was waiting in. I was there for what felt like an upper respiratory infection (or more likely remnants of) and subsequent examination. A pharmaceutical representative was talking to the doctor about a drug. A normal human would have been shocked by the conversation but with my current mindset I was able to shrug it off and not be surprised.

Why? This crap is everywhere. There is not a single organization or area that does not have these back door shenanigans.

Welcome to the world.

People pile poop on the bag drug companies and they deserve every last ounce but they also deserve credit for developing life saving and life enhancing medicines. What I find equally offensive are the people who poop on those pharmaceutical companies but support the natural, organic and alternative products. They are doing the same thing – making money off a product and potentially causing harm to individuals where medicine is needed to prevent illness or death.

What was said? Drug rep asks about drug. Doctor says there is too much conflicting information so he prescribes drug. If drug benefits patient he lets them stay on the drug. Drug rep wants to target a one year life cycle per patient for the drug. Other things were said. Mentions of the conversation getting on Internet were made. It was humorous to them.

A co-worker once said they have a drug to wake you up, a drug to keep you awake, to put you to sleep, a to make you happy, to make you sad, so you just do not care anymore, to get you hard, to make you stay hard, to make the pain go away and a drug to make you – well they have a drug for everything. (I think Ozzy Osbourne also said this)...

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