Thursday, November 20, 2008

Web 2.blow, version

Go to this Oracle University link with the various web browsers you have. Here is what you will see. In IE7 it renders well and you can get into the various tabs for schedules and details. In Firefox on Windows it operates but looks different. Unfortunately, it breaks on the sixth page of the checkout too but you won't know that unless you register, book a course, enter a purchase order number, enter names of five siblings you promise to sacrifice, etc. In Opera, well, it just pukes the whole mess up at the top of the screen and is totally unusable. If you set site options to mask as Netscape/Firefox it works.

Now I know I'm vastly in the minority here with Opera. That does not, however, excuse an if Netscape else if IE without an else; i.e. if the browser doesn't match anything previous just leave all objects null. Good programming would have at least put JavaScript compliant code in the final else and then hoped for the best. Most alternative browsers will try to be as standards compliant as possible.

Second, is all that JavaScript necessary? I find myself being left behind because I feel every web page doesn't need to look and perform like an iPhone. What's next; keyboards with motion sensors so. Whoops. Showing my age here. What's next; mice with horizontal and vertical sensors so... Ooops... Wrong again. Who uses mice anymore? Touch screens with voice recognition. Yeah. Every page is going to be LCD shake/touch/punch/slap and voice aware.

Actually I'm going off the deep end. I just want to be able to register for a $3,000 F'ing class so I can get a $270 certification then take another $3,000 F'ing class so I can get a $270 certification, so I can become a big-shot know-it-all Oracle guru about a month before we drop Oracle and go pure SQL Server. Now Oracle Identify Manager won't let me log into Oracle University via single sign-on (I can go to Metalink). When I "well F'you, I'll register" it says my sign-on is already in use. When I try to get my password, it says I don't exist. Sigh.

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