Sunday, July 13, 2008

No more Mr Cranky

One of my favorite Friday morning web reads is calling it quits soon. Mr Cranky and his movie reviews are going away in August. I’m so, well the world isn’t going to come to an end but a good source of honest movie reviews and funny caption contests will be no more. I’ve thought about writing movie reviews here and have done so for the “Blog of the Dead” but they relate directly to zombie movies and not to movies in general.

In order to write movie reviews I would actually have to go to see movies in the theater. I’ll probably go see the Dark Night but I think the last movie I went out to see was Spider Man 3 and that was only to see how badly they fucked up the Venom character. I typically wait until the movies hit the rental queue on Netflix and I’m usually limited to horror movies and whatever movies my girlfriend rents. Theoretically I could still do reviews of rentals but they would be kind of late, wouldn’t they? I could always do mini-reviews of the rentals to see if my warped mind matches the rest of the critical world but I find myself with barely enough time to write for this blog and my story blog.

Maybe instead of doing something in absence of Mr Cranky I should just let it fade off and not do something in the same vein, that would be the best honor of all.

Update: Mr Cranky did not go away. Yay!

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