Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quickie update

Felt like a quick update.

Life in general

I usually try to keep my personal life out of the public only occasionally making reference to my job or home life. My personal life is just that, personal. I'm not some MySpace or YouTube attention whore that needs to pine endlessly about what Jason the boy stud did in study hall today. Things are getting better, though.

The Blog of the Dead

I am slowly attempting to catch up to the present times with my story blog. I have a large segment in December 2007 completed but need to fill in that piece with the story ending in October 2007. I usually have two or three different story pieces going at the same time depending on where I'm at when I get creative. There was one on the laptop and one on my main workstation. I use a USB drive to keep things in sync. I keep names, locations and an event timeline in an Excel spreadsheet.


Sometimes I wonder if I'm a glutton for punishment or just too stubborn to do anything differently.

I have two, high-powered machines at home: AMD X2 processors, one with 8GB of memory, one with 4GB of memory, both with infinitely more disk than they will ever need. I am installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server 64-bit on each of them. So why does this make me a glutton for punishment? Well, on one I am going to be installing VMWare and on the other I will be installing Oracle 10g database. VMWare is not guaranteed to work on the kernel Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server 64-bit is using and not really guaranteed to work on Ubuntu, period. Oracle 10g database is only supposed and to be used and installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Instead of using either of those two (they cost money, BTW), or using the free version of one (OpenSUSE), or one of the downstream distributions from Red Hat (Oracle Linux, Cent OS), I chose to use a different distribution and then scour the clicker-web looking for ways to force it to work with VMWare and Oracle database. Just by using the 64 bit version of Ubuntu is inviting pain, suffering and trouble. The X-Server 64 bit version does not work the same way as the 32 bit version on the same hardware. The 64 bit nVidia drivers are worse.

So why do I do this? Why not install Oracle database on Oracle Linux? Why not install VMWare on a kernel and distribution they support instead of searching far and wide looking for the patch and notes on how to install it?

I must be sick.

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