Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surviving the white death

Yeah the weather was pretty bad today. It took about eighty-five minutes to get to work today only to get to spend a couple of hours of quality time with the one or two that made it in only to be sent back home again. I work downtown and live on the southeast side of Columbus (Ohio) and the local weather nerds (and nerd-ettes) were saying 4"-8" of snow plus sleet and freezing rain.

The drive home was treacherous but only due to stupidity on the part of other drivers. SR-33 south had one side plowed and those of us using it were going a steady 40 miles per hour with plenty of distance between us. I kid you not, I was passed on the left, in the unplowed portion, by some dumb-ass doing about fifty while talking on his cell phone. He had handicapped tags so I'm assuming the handicap was a mental one. Seriously, is it really worth risking your life and the life of others just to get those couple extra feet (which ended up as zero feet because I pulled into the same shopping center behind the idiot). I was also passed by one of those double-trailer trucks fish-tailing back and forth as it plowed through the slush and sleet, sending chunks of snow and ice into the air to crash against the windshield. There were two dimwits following the trucker in their SUV with no more than a car length between them. Sometimes I wonder how we survive.

The dog hates the ice. He loves playing in the snow but tends to panic and get frustrated when he breaks through the ice and sinks up to his neck in the snow beneath.

Just looking at the ice outside I cannot help but remember the ice storm we got before Christmas in 2004. This year's storm is similar in regards to what is dropping where. The volumes of snow are up north and the ice is down south. In 2004 we lost power and had to fleet to my parent's house until the power came back late night around 11pm or so. There have already been power outages in neighborhoods very close to us that were serviced by our power company. I'm hoping that the power survives the night and doesn't die on us in the middle of the night. I'm sure the noise of all the UPS battery back-up alarms going off will wake us. I think I'm going to turn the heat up a little bit just in case; the extra cost now might buy an extra couple of hours of heat if the power does go.

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