Monday, November 13, 2006

Long time no blog

Seems like forever (or about a month) since I've blogged anything here. I have been very active in the other blog, the Blog of the Dead. I thought about doing an "Election 2006" wrap up but to be honest I am so burnt out from the whole process with the endless mail and weekend wake-up calls from party supporters. Why are you calling me about Scary Ho Kilroy? I can't even vote for her because she is not in my district. Argh! The Columbus Crew are for the most part irrelevant anymore. MLS Soccer is probably on its lowest point in my eyes. MLS Cup went to penalty kicks as New England stole defeat from the jaws of victory. The Blue Jacket are in danger of slipping into the path to irrelevance unless they do something to wake up. Not a single line is performing well and the defense is questionable at times especially with Wescott out. Life at the the job isn't the greatest, life at home isn't the greatest. Damn, what a rut.

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