Monday, August 07, 2006

Yeah it looks funny, so what

Okay, for the one or two of you that might actually read this blog and are wondering why it looks so funny - blame The stylesheet (for the non-geek, a stylesheet is a plain text file that contains information used to format elements of the web page; like setting a default font or moving the menu box to the right) is hosted there. I went with an external style sheet because every time I would change the template I would have to republish the entire blog; which a while ago was a gigantic pain in the ass with a moderately sized blog such as the Grouch Blog (or Blog of the Dead). With a separate stylesheet I could simply change it on the fly without having to republish. It's actually quite cool; Blogger should seriously consider providing space for external templates and associated files (like images). Back to the problem, though. Awardspace is doing maintance on their CP1 server: All accounts and web sites on CP1 server of AWARDSPACE.COM cluster will be down due to hardware upgrade.. They also did this on July 24, July 21 and June (depends on which news link you click, for some reason the downtimes don't appear on all pages... gasp). Oh well, I get what I pay for...

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