Monday, August 07, 2006

to mySpace or not mySpace

I'm debating on whether or not I need to get something on; yes, that seizure inducing collection of broken HTML, annoying Flash and molested CSS. Grouchette has one. Both her kids have one. So I should get one, right? I don't want to be left out of the pool of over-sexualized, hip-hop teenagers and college students and the creeps that prey on them, do I? Where else can I become friends with complete strangers and people that probably wouldn't give me the time of day or even acknowledge my existence at a bar or other public setting?

At the risk of feeling left out I might have to pass on this trend. I had a personal home page (the Grouch Net) back when the web was in its infancy (to show you just how much of a fossil I am, this was back before Internet Explorer even existed and Netscape was displacing the Mosaic browser). Eventually I switched from the ISP hosted space to a geoCities web page. Then I got bored maintaining it; why bother maintaining something when there were millions of identical pages out there. I had a live journal for a while. I created the Grouch Blog as "blogging" was getting very popular. Again, though, there are millions of other blogs out there so why maintain this one? I ask myself that question every time I post to it. Then I see the other blogs out there on Blogger and can easily state about eighty percent of them are crap.

The disturbing trend in Blogger blogs is making them look like mySpace pages. Instead of using one of the adequate templates they provide, these bloggers are thrusting these black background, microscopic font, disable everything, squeezed into a narrow scrolled window "masterpieces" at us. Good lord, am I that out of touch? Is this what is cool? There is also a picture template people are starting to use that does not render well in all browsers.

Which brings me back to mySpace. I'm too old for mySpace. Even if I wanted to be cool and feel younger I'm still too old for mySpace. I'm not cool enough for mySpace. I would want to change mySpace to make it conform to my relatively bland but readable presentation style. So, I'll abstain from mySpace and concentrate on what I do best, complain about stuff to probably nobody.

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