Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spam flood

My main Yahoo! account just received 366 bulk mail messages in two hours. That's about three every minute. I can guarantee every single one of them came from a list over seven years old.

It seems like every spammer will use the line "it's not causing you any harm, just delete them from your inbox if you don't want to read them". That really isn't the problem here. The two problems are 1) it isn't feasible for a person like me to go through the three messages per minute looking for mail that got accidentally marked as spam so I have to result to the "Empty all" feature and hope nothing got flushed by accident, and 2) think of all the wasted traffic and space - if these bulk mailers are blowing their worthless and unwanted wad on a million accounts that's easily over a billion (trillion) bytes of waste.

They are all bottom feeding garbage.

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