Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm seeing rotation

Possible tornado in Pickaway CountyLast night around 6pm or so we had some bad weather come trucking through town; bad weather that included tornado warnings. Of course, whenever anything above a gust appears around here the weather folks on the local news stations wet themselves and go into street-level doppler radar continuous coverage full-on geek erection mode.

I heard about the cell in Pickaway county just as I pulled into the garage. One of the kids called later to ask if we heard about the warning, I said yeah, but after turning on the news there was on just south and east of us heading northeast. Guh-reat. Now here was where the weather nerds got annoying. They would be jabbering amongst themselves and "zooming-in" with "street-level" radar and all you would see is a big yellow blob on the television. C'mon how the hell are we supposed to know where the storm is if we can't see where it is. Zoom back out you dipsticks! I got annoyed with NBC4 and went to ABC6; they were vacant and confused so I ended up at WBNS 10tv. Unlike the other stations they weren't hysterical. Their forecaster actually apologized for interrupting programming but a "tornado warning" took precidence.

The other frustrating point of the evening was the dozens of people calling in with "I saws me some rotation" and "there was rotation" and "Yup, rotation". Could anyone get actual authorities on the line; y'know someone that might actually know if that formation in the sky was actually a funnel cloud, a tornado, or just a storm cloud?

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