Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why! Why! Why!

Yesterday was not a banner day in regards to scenery here at work. There seems to be this disturbing trend going on: people who shouldn't be wearing skin-tight clothing with sexually suggestive text are wearing skin-tight clothing with sexually suggestive text. If your ass can fit two or three hot, sexy asses inside of it's gravitational pull - don't wear sweats with the letters "Just Do It" cheaply ironed on their backside. If you look like a pear with two straws jammed in the bottom for legs - don't wear a T-Shirt with the Tootsie-Pop dude and turtle with the line "Wanna Lick?". If you look like a meatball on top of two chicken wings - don't wear a t-shirt two sizes too small just because it shows your "tramp stamp". Good lord... And if you are a 8-17 year old you do not need to be wearing clothing with words like "HOTTIE", "SMOKIN'" or words that basically are the equivalent of "have intercourse with me" stamped across your chest.

The only saving grace of yesterday's nausea was the incredibly cute blond who thought I was talking to her (when I was really talking to a co-worker).

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