Friday, June 02, 2006


Sometimes I just get so sick of this world.

This all started at about 3am yesterday morning. I woke up in a cold sweat with jabbing pains in my kidneys and gut. I would have sworn it was the kidney stone in my right kidney deciding to get off its lazy ass and make its searing pain inducing journey to my bladder. I barfed up the ibuprofen I downed to kill the pain. It roughed up my throat pretty bad, there was some blood. About two hours of suffering passed until I started feeling comfortable enough to go to sleep.

Of course, that was when everybody in the house got up for school and work. The majority of the day was spent on the couch or in bed, my girlfriend's dog loyally by my side most of the way.

It is about 1pm now. I'm at work now, hoping that the turkey sandwich and Gatorade I had for lunch will digest without feeling like a toilet brush going through my small and large intestines.

Needless to say I'm in a grumpier mood than usual. A lot of things are getting to me; I want to just go off on some people. It reminds me of how much I just don't like my life and some of the people in it. Of course I shouldn't go into details in a public forum like an online journal.

So here I sit, waiting for a couple of people to do their jobs so I can do mine. I should just go home. The whole experience has been physically draining. Then again, if I go home there will probably be just as many problems and crap as here at work. It makes a person just want to go curl into fetal position in a sewer somewhere.

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