Wednesday, June 14, 2006


What an awful, depressing day this has been so far. It all started this morning when I found a partially gorged tick attached to my upper leg, dangerously close to my junk. My whole day has been screwed now as I feel crummy and totally "skeeved" out by the parasite. Most diseases carried by ticks are transmitted in the 24-48 hour time frame of the feeding period, so hopefully I'm okay there. The dog was most likely the source of the tick; we found three on its paws this morning and it hopped up on my lap a couple of times last night.

Oh well. It's not like I can turn to the news for comfort. Microsoft warned of 8 "critical" security flaws; great.

Speaking of parasites, apparently FEMA money for hurricane Katrina victims has been used for Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations, sex changes, divorces, "Girls Gone Wild" videos, season tickets to see the New Orleans Saints, Dom Perignon champagne, and various sex toys. Now I know these are simply the worst examples out of a program that benefited a lot of people left homeless and in horrible conditions but between victims using money for cocaine and breast implants to the millions who defraud government programs and insurance there comes a time where the normal people on this planet just have to say enough is enough. Most of us are tired of carrying these parasites through taxes and high insurance rates only to watch them continue to feed. There are published documents circulating through our country the show exactly how to come to this country, gain citizenship as quick as possible by exploiting the marriage system and family services, the live off government hand outs and lawsuits. While it might appear the lower class vermin are responsible for this, the same type of parasites exists in the upper layers of society. Like the lower class frauds, these upper class vermin know exactly who to exploit for power and profit while they also have the funds to both protect themselves from both government and authority. For every seven-figure salaried CEO that drives their company into the ground (sorry; navigates their corporation successfully through the harsh economic landscape) there could be numerous if not millions of investors and employees that suffer for doing nothing but their jobs while the people at the top enjoy separation funds more than any of those beneath would see in a lifetime and, more than likely, become head of another organization (or President as the ultra-liberal here pointed out – shaking my head).

Sometimes I feel as though the control over my life is slowly slipping away from me into the hands of the vermin and the extremes. There will come a time (if it isn't here already) that I won't be able to do anything about this politically because the ignorant and the extreme will control the vote. It's just depressing.

Wow, I really (sarcasm) want to go back to work now.

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