Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is it just me?

Or is posting here on been a pain in the ass the past couple of weeks?

Blogger postings have been a complete pain in the ass for well over a week now. I am beginning to get really pissed at this. Being in computers I know hardware and software upgrades can be a bitch, especially if they are unplanned (i.e. a component and it's redundant part both fail, or if capacity is breached unexpectedly) but when continuous problems occur over more than a couple of weeks then there is reason for concern. I know Blogger is a free service so theoretically I don't have room to complain because I am (theoretically) not paying the bills but even with free services there is a certain level of quality and service you should expect; Blogger is riding that line right now.

On thing that seemed to help with the last one-liner post I made was going into settings and turning the RSS feed off. To be honest, the crap I write is not worthy of and I certainly am not important enough to have an RSS feed and it's just one more thing the publishing script has to do when publishing a post. I already had the "Notify" turned off.

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