Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bitch, bitch, bitch ...

Sorry but I really feel like bitching this morning. The majority of items I would like to bitch about either shouldn't be bitched about publicly or cannot be bitched about public without some sort of life altering effect. So I'll just let my brain puke; let it all out then go to its nice quiet place.

First of all I'm disappointed the Edmonton Oilers fell short of winning the Stanley Cup from the Carolina Hurricanes. I have nothing against the Carolina players or the coaching staff, which if you have half a brain and do some simple math you could probably figure out the individual I have issue with. Nothing would have made me happier than to see them lose but they had a good team and a little luck (the Buffalo was wounded and the Oilers lost two of those four games when their goalie went down) on their side. Game 7 was set up for such a heartbreaking defeat, too. They got an early lead, added insurance, has a goal that was not counted (controversy) – all Edmonton had to do was even it then net one in overtime to create a vortex of disappointment so big it would have sucked the ocean inland three or four miles. But it didn't happen.

Our housing subdivision is a half-mile road that has a speed limit of 25 miles per hour and has no stop signs on it. It is really hard to stay at the speed limit and it is really easy for cops on motorcycles to hide and write tickets left and right. I've seen the same motorcycle cop hidden on a 25 mile per hour street in the neighboring town. It seems like the Columbus Police Department has an entire group of individuals for this type of enforcement. I don't like to dump on police officers, they have tough jobs and take a lot of crap from vermin and people that deserve a bullet in the brain, but it's this type of enforcement that really upsets me. There are speed traps all over the city of Columbus and its suburbs and eventually you could get caught in one of them; which will cost you around $120 out of your pocket and potentially hundreds of dollars per year in adjusted vehicle insurance due to the incident. Is this really serving and positively benefiting the public? If I were to get a ticket for 28 in a 25 is that really that big of a threat in our community, especially when compared to the number of garage thefts, vandalism, and illegal garbage dumps in our area?

I'm tired of the movie / recording / software industry doing things that remove value from something I purchased or rented. I've had my fill of un-skip-able previews on DVD discs; where you have to sit through three or four previews and advertisements before even getting to the menu on the disc to play it. I'm tired of the recording industry force feeding the same garbage while installing potentially damaging software on my computer. I am sick and fucking tired of Adobe Acrobat Reader and having to reboot my computer twice while having a bunch of junk offered to me for a download. There is no reason why Acrobat should need to reboot my computer unless they are hooking into crap they shouldn't be hooking into. I'm sick of copy protection on games that require Administrator rights to install and run; and well any copy protection that in the long run does not prevent piracy and inconveniences the user. I'm sick of Microsoft and their monopolistic world. Now we learn WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) is an adaptive piece of code that talks to Microsoft servers. Way to build our trust, Bill. I have dealt with Microsoft's crap for over fifteen years now and I'm just sick of them.

Well it's nine o'clock and I'm just getting grouchier by the minute. I'm already going to have to stay an hour later to make up for this time here at work. Great.

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