Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Alphabetic lists that describe yourself seem to be floating through blogs recently; oh well, here's me:
  1. is for American, which is what I am
  2. is for big butts, which I like and can't deny
  3. is for computers that require my programming skills that my employer pays me for
  4. is for drawing that I do occasionally
  5. is for evil, quite scary
  6. is for something that I like doing but cannot mention in public
  7. is for Grouchy, for obvious reasons
  8. is for hockey, which I like to play on ice someday; go Bluejackets (and for this year's Stanley Cup, go Oilers)
  9. is for intelligence which I seem to have some of
  10. is the first letter of my first name
  11. is for something else I can't mention
  12. is for Libertarian, a direction I am slightly leaning
  13. is for metal, my favorite type of music
  14. is for nothing, something I do more frequently
  15. is for oriental food - their noodles are quite tasty
  16. is for pizza, also quite yummy
  17. is for quality, something I strive for
  18. is for running - something I should be doing more of to get into shape
  19. is for soccer, which I like to play; go Crew
  20. is for Trish Stratus, the hot WWE wrasslin' babe
  21. is for ugliness, something I see in life too frequently
  22. is for "Vulgar Display of Power", the CD I am currently listening to
  23. is for weight training I try to do at work once a day
  24. is for x-rays, which I have had done on my kidneys, right finger, left arm, feet and teeth
  25. is for youth; something I wish I could relive
  26. is for zombie fiction; found here

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