Tuesday, May 09, 2006

LASEK – day thirteen

Today was supposed to be the deadline day where my vision really sharpened up. My vision is still not 20/20 and hasn't improved much since day nine or ten. I still have about two weeks before I go back for the next follow up appointment but I have a feeling I will either need touch up surgery or will have to deal with the less than perfect vision; it isn't back to where it was before glasses. Blurred vision is one of the side effects of the Prednisone corticosteroid but I the blurred vision should include close-up vision as well. My next follow-up appointment is two weeks from now, so I will know more then and they will probably take me off the Prednisone at that time. Reading success stories on the Internet reassure me a little bit because there are a number of responses where weeks and months passed before vision was sharp enough to make people happy. Of course, there is a wealth of negative opinions and horror stories. One study suggested that 1 in 3 people were unhappy with their LASIK procedures, some going back to wearing glasses or for a second procedure.

I played soccer today in the gym, which was really nice without the glasses. I can play goalkeeper without having to squint. One of the nice things about the LASEK surgery is that it doesn't have the fragile eye-flap like LASIK so I can be a little more active. I still have to be cautious about my eyes, though.

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