Friday, May 12, 2006

Grouchy's Gripe of the Day: Right turners

There are about 37 things I could bitch about today but this particular gripe got me this morning not once but twice. I have to make a left turn onto a busy road to escape my community and get to work. Why do people who make right turns feel the need to drive right into my field of vision, effectively blocking my ability to see oncoming traffic to my right? If you are turning right you have to see traffic coming from the left. If you are turning left you need to see traffic from both directions. In a situation where there are both left and right turning vehicles the left-turning vehicle should pull up as far as possible and the right turning vehicle should be behind that driver but up far enough to see traffic coming from their left.

It seems like this common courtesy is not taught anywhere. Folks at work didn't know it. The cute blonde who just asked me for a cigarette (I don't smoke, btw) didn't know it. This crude picture below should explain things.

In the above diagram, my car is the blue box and the blue lines represent my field of view. The red box is (and always seems to be) a full sized truck with an extended cab, raised platform, tinted windows, side and ground effects, and a pissing Calvin somewhere; the red lines are his field of view. The yellow boxes are oncoming traffic and represent 200 points for a clean hit, 150 for; oops I spoke too much. The left section of the diagram represents what happens when dumb-ass in his Canyonero pulls up to see beyond me. I can't see through his vehicle the entire time he is there waiting there. The right section represents what happens when the same dumb-ass stays just behind me; he can still see vehicles coming from the left and doesn't block my view of traffic in either direction. But wait, there's more. By hanging back you get an extra five or six feet to accelerate, providing you with more opportunities to get to where you are going.

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