Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pro wrasslin'

I have almost completely lost interest in professional wrasslin'.

I've tried to be a regular watcher of TNA Impact but instead of showcasing the wrasslin' and the wrasslers (their strengths) they are trotting forth dumb story lines and trying to build star power like the WWE. Soon they will move to Thursday nights and I personally don't think they are worth recording and replaying later.

I haven't watched WWE Smackdown for quite a while since it moved to Friday nights. That "brand" has a good heel in JBL and tons of potential with Kurt Angle but even if Batista returns I don't see myself going out of my way to watch it.

I have been a regular viewer of WWE RAW for a while now but I haven't been staying up late enough to watch the whole program. There has been some good interplay between the champ John Cena (Grouchette's favorite), Triple H and Edge and having Trish Stratus (Grouchy's favorite) role reverse Mickie James by copying her and planting a kiss on here was probably the most creative thing the writers have done in a long time.

With spring here and summer around the corner we will be walking the dog later and spending more time outside enjoying ourselves, pushing our computer time back to late nights. Unless things get interesting again I see myself eventually getting bored with the whole wrasslin' program and doing something else.

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