Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blog-o-sphere Part 2

Every now and then I like to go through the "blog-o-sphere" using the "next blog" button at the top. My latest journey:

  • 7 sites that disabled Blogger's toolbar at the top while beating you over the head with black or pink, ugly, stylish but downright annoying styles (some complete with annoying background music and pop-up/pop-under ads)
  • 3 in foreign languages that I couldn't read
  • 1 poetry blog
  • 1 cute chick blog under the guidance of Jesus Christ
  • 1 stock blog (one two posts, mostly worthless)
  • 1 honors student blog (good)
  • 1 stay-at-home mom's blog
  • 1 photo blog
  • 1 foreign blog dedicated to "futbol" (soccer)
  • 1 blog from an over expressive Notre Dame chick

Earth Chamber 11 looked interesting and seemed to be a good example of semi-rich content in a blog; used sparingly but to good effect.

Toongoals has supplied over 400 links to videos of Newcastle United since 2001. Pretty cool, actually. Even though there is a lot of recent stuff about Alan Shearer who put in over a decade at Newcastle. There is something to be said about footballers (soccer players) who are fixtures in their squads. The closet thing the Columbus Crew had to a player like this was Brian McBride who made his way to the top English league at Fulham football club. That's not to say this club hasn't had some "franchise" type players in the past. Former Crew, Rapids and now Real Salt Lake striker Jeff Cunningham put in six seasons for the black and gold could have been considered a franchise player.

What is with the deal with these "blog artists" that disable the Blogger toolbar? Almost every single one of these "blogs" will also feature some shockingly horrid style sheet with fonts so small and confusing looking makes you want to puke. Is having that toolbar at the top really that bad? Why do these people force content into these small, fixed width columns? When content is confined to less than twenty percent of my browser window I just don't want to read anything inside. I notice the same "formatting" on "myspace" pages; five thousand avatar images with ads, guest books, links, background music, embedded video.

I guess I'm simple. Give me straight forward text with appropriate pictures or rich content. Don't confine me to a narrow column.

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