Wednesday, March 22, 2006

White doom

A guy in at work had a great line about all the local weather forecasters predicting four to eight inches of white doom (snow). "It seems like the more money they computers the worse they get at telling the weather." This makes reference to other entities that have spent outrageous amounts of money on computers and technology without seeing an improvement in the ability to do one's job. "They have double dual dipshit Doppler and street level bullcrap but they get in wrong every time."

I knew when they were forecasting four to eight inches of snow that central Ohio would be lucky to get a cumulative four to eight inches of snow for the entire months of March (and April).

Personally, I don't give a crap about who has the best Doppler radar or who can zoom in closest to a street. To be blunt, I want to know: roughly what the temperatures are going to be like for the week, when we will be getting precipitation and with the 24 hour range what type of precipitation and how much we will probably get.

A hot weather chick wouldn't hurt either.

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