Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Journey through the "blog-o-sphere"

Sometimes I get bored at home or work and take a trip through the "blog-o-sphere" starting with this blog then using the next blog button to randomly go about. My latest travels through the "blog-o-sphere" found the following:
  • twelve foreign blogs in languages other than English
  • six spam blogs
  • three blogs with two posts or less, one containing 'hi' and nothing else
  • one female blogger's blog containing pictures of hot, oiled-up men she drools over and wants to make babies for
  • one gay male blog complete with the dude face down on bed with bare ass and nutsack exposed to the world
  • one blog that was CSS and image overkill, almost seizure inducing
  • a "bitch" blog, that was well written and recently active and commented upon
  • last; the blog that uses javascript to kill the blogger toolbar at the top so you can't continue to the next random blog
One readable blog out of over sixty-five...

Sometimes I wonder why in the hell I even bother to publish this blog. I don't need it to keep in touch with friends and relatives; that's what the phone, messenger and eMail are for. I wonder if it is more therapeutic than anything else... Does anybody read my blog? Do I give a s-word if anybody reads my blog? Do I need pictures of hot, oiled-up women that I drool over and want to make babies with? Should I expose my nutsack to the world? Who gives a f-word..?

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