Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog of the Dead, still typing...

I now have about forty-six pages of blog entries spanning thirty-nine days for my "Blog of the Dead". The "Blog of the Dead" is a writing project I've been casually working on since December of last year. It is a journal of events wrapped around the George Romero zombie movies; i.e. as if the dead were coming back to life. I think the goal is to get about three "blog" months written before publishing it, giving me a buffer when summer arrives and I really don't feel like writing much anymore. Since the "blog" will parallel our timeline, there will be gaps during summer anyways. Most of the writing is confined to the early days of the event, then a few major events from week to week before things get boring. It's hard to imagine someone like me putting pen to paper to reiterate scarce details about daily life when you and a couple of other people are the only people left on the planet. Survival can be boring.

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