Monday, February 27, 2006

Old and tired...

It seems like I have aged ten years in the past ten days. I was playing soccer in our gymnasium during lunch and injured myself somehow. It was during either a full sprint or my time in goal (where I went down to a knee to make myself big against a shooter); or perhaps a combination of the two. Since that week I have felt tired, labored and for the lack of a better term "old".

I'm probably going to have to go to a doctor for my left knee cap. I cannot lift any weight with it. I can lower weight in a controlled manner, but cannot lift it when doing leg curls. If I exert downward pressure on the knee it hurts. What is strange is that my body feels best when I'm doing something in the gym, so I continue to play soccer occasionally and hockey plus lift weights on off days. That will usually carry me through the day until around night time where everything starts hurting and creaking.

It sucks getting old.

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