Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Internet is down... :(

My home Internet service is down and won't be back until Thursday after 1pm. This stinks. This also seems to happen every damn time Road Runner goes through and does routine maintenance designed to "improve performance and stability".

This is slowly beginning to try my patience. The last time I was down for multiple days it was after planned maintenance in our area. The time before that it was after they pushed a DOCSIS upgrade to cable modems in the area without telling anybody about it (and doing so during what I would consider a peak usage time frame). Now, I am expected to wait three days for a technician to repair my connection?

What I don't understand is: if they have the ability to see my cable modem and get diagnostics from it, then why do they not proactively do anything about it? The cable modem shows all upstream and downstream levels, do I really need to technician to make a trip inside my house and my inconvenience – or could they simple adjust the levels in the area, rescan diagnostics and automagically heal everything without me?

Maybe I'm asking too much. The service is only down maybe eight to ten days out of the year; so it's up roughly 97% of the time. Then again, I'm paying well over $40 a month for this service that is bundled with my cable television service. More and more people are relying upon broadband Internet for VoIP (Voice over IP, i.e. Vonage and broadband phone), paying bills, taking college courses and other important things. That 3% downtime might not be acceptable anymore. Maybe it's not the 3% down time but the fact that most of that down time is spent waiting for someone to fix the connection.

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