Monday, January 09, 2006

Wasted weekend (bad karma)

While I was sick this weekend I decided to re-encode all of the PAL format Divx/Xvid encoded Windows AVI files so they will fit on two recordable DVDs and the playback on my Philips DVP642 DVD player. I didn't want to tie up my main workstation so I took the ten horror movies (already on a USB drive) and moved them over to a secondary workstation I use for development and other junk. It's just as powerful as the main workstation but has three times the storage. I carefully separated the video and audio streams, re-encoded some of the audio to save space (AC3 to CBR MP3), wrote the base Avisynth script to do the frame conversion, queued up all of the files in Gordian Knot, and spent most of the weekend encoding. Each movie took about two and a half hours. One video was a problem so I encoded it to a lossless codec then re-queued it.  Today, I multiplexed the audio and video streams, adding plenty of video stream information for each movie. I burned the first five to DVD, took them to my player, and none of them would load.

What happened?

I turns out on the Main settings for Profile AS @ L5 there is a checkbox for something called Quarter Pixel (QPEL). It was checked. My player does not support QPEL. It tries to read the file, gags on it for a few moments, then craps out to the next file it can read.

Well, #*$&%^@!

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