Monday, January 23, 2006


I’m beginning to wonder if a certain company is crooked. I offer the following items of evidence:
  1. Said merchandiser advertises shrimp at buy one get two free but the sign over the bag of shrimp has a different UPC code than the shrimp in the bags in the container below that sign. The shrimp on sale is nowhere to be found.
  2. Said merchandiser has shoes on sale and a sign over them advertising a price. I buy the shoes and they ring up full price. I have to immediately take the shoes to returns, they let me know that was a mistake in the flyer and the display needs to be changed.
  3. Said merchandiser has humidifiers on sale for roughly $20. The humidifier pictured in the ad is not noted as being on sale and a price tag cannot be found. The brand on sale cannot be found. The product rings up for $32.
  4. Said merchandiser has 100 count multivitamins on sale – buy one get one free; save $10. The sale display tag is over a different multivitamin, not the one on sale. The regular price for the multivitamin indicated and pictured in the ad is roughly $4. The cost of the 300 count multivitamin is $10.
How it the hell can this merchandiser screw up so obviously, so continuously is beyond reason; unless it might be intentional.

My girlfriend had a similar incident with a different local merchandiser. She had to remind the cashier “that’s on sale” for seven out of eight items. A nationwide drug store advertises multiple sale items but once you enter the store you would be lucky to find half the product because it either doesn’t exist or is located on a shelf distanced away from the logical organization of the product (i.e. a non-season food product next to Christmas stuff not other food items or in a “sale” section).

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