Monday, December 12, 2005

Cold Heat, does it work?

Cold Heat soldering toolI received some of my Christmas presents early this weekend. One of those presents was the Cold Heat battery powered/cordless soldering tool. So, does it work?

I took the device out to the garage with a pair of 12-gauge monster speaker wires. I figured this would be a more than adequate test if I could tin two ends then connect the two ends together. The tool did an adequate job of getting solder into the hair-thin copper strands that were twisted together to form the wire. When I tried to generate enough heat to connect the two wire I wasn’t as successful. Also, unlike the commercial where the guy solders something then immediately touches his finger to the tip to prove it isn’t hot anymore, the tool does stay hot a little while afterwards so don’t be an idiot and try emulating the commercial like I did.

This soldering tool is (was designed) for quick, short bursts of heat. It is battery powered and thus portable, making it a very handy tool for quick repair jobs where an soldering iron with a cord would be a pain in the ass. This tool is not good for heavy duty jobs or for extended use (like product assembly, or a lot of soldering).

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