Monday, November 07, 2005

Grouch versus Nature

There were two other encounters with nature this week in addition to the deer that humped my car last week.

I was up on my roof this weekend, which is not a good thing for someone with a mild fear of heights. The part where the builders screwed up and didn’t have the trim on the highest roof matching the lower roof was invaded by birds. I cleared out a rather sizable nest before shimming up all cracks and holes, nailing the shingles down tight, then foaming up every remaining hole no matter how small.

It was also a nice weekend to work on the garage so I cleaned that out. While cleaning I found we had at least one little visitor; a little grey field mouse. As cute and innocent as they are, this one did some damage. The little bugger used the subwoofer box from my old car as a toilet. Out of all the cardboard boxes you could have called home you decided to climb up the carpeted box, make a nest, a pee-pee all over it. That box stank. Once thing I will say, the person who made that ported enclosure for me ten years or so ago put some quality workmanship into it. That thing was solid as a rock. Unfortunately the rodent urine penetrated into the particle board. At least the 10” Orion sub-woofers are still intact and the 50+ wood screws, four PVC pipe ports, and the poly-filling are still usable. The rest of the box is in the trash.

I’m beginning to wonder what I did to deserve such back karma from Mother Nature. I keep fish, is that it? Maybe it was not taking in and giving a home to the stray cat and her five kittens that roamed free in my area for a couple of days? Maybe I’m being too much of a push-over, heck I’ll catch spiders and turn them free outside before the girlfriend steps on them in a panic.

Oh well, all I know is a deer, a mouse and some birds are digging into the holiday money and knowing my luck I soon be hospitalized for a poisonous spider bite while trying to rescue the neighbor’s wiener-dog from a tangled bush.

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