Friday, October 07, 2005

Testing BloggerForWord

I just downloaded BloggerforWord to give it a spin and see how things work. My blogging now starts with Front Page before going to UltraEdit for markup cleanup then into the post as HTML. I rarely use their editor.
Let’s try some styles and fonts: bold and underline and italics then colors like red and green then fonts like Verdana and Courier.
Numbered list
  1. one

  2. two

  3. three
Bullet list

  • look mom

  • I’m using blogger
How about a hyper link to Google just for fun?
Does it like justified text?
Or Centered?
Is this big enough?
Well that is enough for now, let’s see what things look like after I publish.

Well, that looks interesting doesn't it? It supports basic formatting but does not support colors or justification. The ordered and unordered lists look stupid because the Blogger adds a <br /> after each line item if there is a carriage return. They way I get around this when publishing is to not have carriage returns anywhere and simply stream in pure HTML code understanding my template adds the <p> and </p> paragraph tags (like most Blogger templates do).

BloggerForWord looks good for getting in text without the need for formatting. Formatting can be done later to clean things up.

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