Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How much SPAM do you get?

Main Yahoo! account
Created in 1998 and still my primary mail account. Used exclusively before anti-SPAM measures used.

  • 7 to 15 SPAM messages each day
  • 120 to 300 messages delivered to Bulk Mail each day
  • Most SPAMs contain previous mailing addresses, usually in reference to mortgage rates

Alternative Yahoo! account
Created in late 2000 and used heavily from 2000 through 2002, rarely used anymore.

  • 3 to 7 SPAM's each clean out
  • roughly 800 messages delivered to Bulk Mail when I clean it out each week.

Work account
Used rarely externally, anti-spam protection used.

  • Occasional SPAM.

Spam account
From Spam Gourmet. Used heavily for all external mail.

  • Your message stats: 664 forwarded, 306 eaten. You have 87 disposable address(es).
  • The most SPAM to this account comes from online newspapers, SBC, the SPAM address, and the "gaming" account I set up for my kid.

GMail account
Rarely used. Publicly available on one message board.

  • No SPAM yet.

Insight Road Runner
Never used.

  • Occasional SPAM.
  • One account somehow got onto a mailing list for a bunch of religous wackos (mistaken identity, they thought I was somebody else); still get occasional mail from them.

This blog

  • Five SPAM.
  • No SPAM since message validation was turned on.

I've had to clean up my girlfriend's computer once due to eMail viruses (keylogger and phisher). I've been saved at least three times from viruses that work in Explorer but do not work in or are neutralized by the Opera browser.

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