Monday, September 05, 2005

New life in the 55 gallon tank

Imagine my surprise over this weekend when I noticed one little orange dot swimming around in what must be to it a massive 55 gallon world. I am assuming that one of the two female orange platys in that tank got pregnant, gave birth and (so far) three escaped the parents and every other potential predator in the tank (there are a few). The only other orange(-ish) fish in the tank are the flame tetras but they are egg layers, require higher quality and much softer water, darkness and well just a lot more work than platys do.

The fry are already taking bits of flake and dust from tubifex worm cubes. If I would have known about them earlier I would have had some good live foods available for them.

I'll be surprised if any of them survive to adult status. They do hide themselves well in the large piece of driftwood and amongst the thick growth of green combomba but their chances are somewhat slim. There have been bronze corydora catfish fry in the tank before but I haven't seen any of them grow up yet.

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