Friday, August 26, 2005

Things I just don't get - chapter one

I was unfortunate enough to get stuck behind a school bus this morning on the way to work. First it stops on the main road in my subdivision to let about four kids aboard, then it travels a whopping two houses to pick up one child, then turns right into an eighteen house loop that exits back out at the first stop.

So the bus holds up traffic on the only exit street in the subdivision not once but twice and for a whole five junior-high/high school kids?

If I seem bitter it's because I'm middle aged and remember never being catered to so nicely by our bussing system. The subdivision I grew up in is just as dense as the one I live in now and stops were at minimum half-a-mile from each other. Now we are picking up kids within ten yards of each other? Who planned the stops on this route? I have a better solution. Instead of:

  1. Stop on main street in front of loop
  2. Pick up four kids
  3. Drive about ten yards, stop on main street again
  4. Pick up one kid
  5. Turn right into loop that has no more than eighteen houses
  6. Stop at least once, pick up more kids
  7. Turn right onto main street
How about:
  1. Turn right into loop, off main street where everybody is trying to get to work.
  2. Pick up the four kids plus some of the kids in the loop
  3. Drive to the other half of the loop, stop (still off the main street)
  4. Pick up the one kid plus the rest of the loop kids
  5. Turn right onto main street

I see this as a win/win situation. The kids get to walk a few additional feet and get some exercise. The kids are still safely within distance of each other if there are fears of abduction, etc. No inconvenience for drivers getting to work.

Maybe the problem is I make too much sense.

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