Friday, August 12, 2005

Politics as usual...

In general, I hate politics. As a somewhat intelligent and rational person I'm stuck in the middle leaning left on occasion while keeping a foot in the right. Politics is ruining my place of employment and can make family get-togethers if not uncomfortable at least mildly embarrassing personally. I really don't want to enter into any political commentary, but what is the mother of deceased Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan, thinking when camping outside President Bush's Crawford Texas ranch wanting a one-on-one conversation with the President of the United States of America during his five-week vacation? What does she expect Bush to do?

First off, I'm no Bush supporter. I can't stand when he gets on television and starts talking all yee-haw and yippee without going through his handlers first; it's embarrassing. But, what is Bush expected to do? Does he sit down again with this woman and listen to her demands - to bring home the troops now to honor her fallen son? If Bush listens to one-person because they camped outside his ranch in protest, doesn't this open up the door for every nutcase on the planet to pitch tent in hopes of getting a one-on-one to discuss their view or vent or swap recipes. Even if Bush wanted to bring home troops now how would it look if the leader of one of the planet's super powers acts on the advice of a grieving mother?

What's even more interesting and sickening is the snowball rolling down the left and right slopes of the political mountain. A democratic senator says something, which is countered by a republican representative, which is fueled by the Internet and news media each with their own spin on things, quotes get simplified and interpreted as typical liberal and conservative stances, which opens up discussions on television and radio and balloons onto blogs and discussion forums to the point where there are over 415,000 (yes, thousand) unique topics available on Google in only five days.

People wonder why I'm grouchy most of the time. I try to be happy but eventually succumb to the extremes at work and family social gatherings. I get grouchy when I have to listen to someone go on about why French culture is better, or why I can't eat this product because the parent company once harpooned a dolphin by accident, or why I can't use this instrument because it might have been made by exploited people making two cents a day in a sweatshop, or what I can't watch this movie because there are thirty seconds within the two hour runtime that contain political correctness.

I sincerely offer my condolences to Cindy Sheehan and her family. I feel pretty crummy when one of my fish dies; I can't even imagine what losing a child is like. Unfortunately, the whole situation surrounding the folks outside Rancho Busho is depressing and sickening to me. It also sucks to be number 415,001 on a list that is already about 400,000 items too big.

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