Sunday, August 14, 2005

New aquarium fish

Aquarium Adventure was having a half price sale on anything "living" in the store so I made the forty minute trip up to the Dublin area. I was looking for pearl gouramis, which are nowhere to be found anywhere else in Columbus and nobody seems to want to order them either. I was also considering a larger red-finned shark for the "barb barrio" and possible a school of tetras for the 55 gallon peaceful community tank. I ended up with a mature red-finned shark, three very small Siamese algae eaters, three small opaline gouramis, and two onion plants.

The shark and the onion plants went in the "barb barrio", the gouramis went in the community tank, and the Siamese algae eaters were separated one to each tank. The shark seems big enough to fend off the tiger barbs, who are mostly curious bullies but cowards against anything they can't bully. Everybody else seems adaptive.

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