Friday, July 01, 2005

Schooling tiger barbs...

For Iron over on the Tropical Fish Forums - Cyprinids, Characins and Atherinids forum.

Click on either to see a 1024x768 resolution picture.

The picture on the left has the majority of the tiger barbs schooling from right to left. The right shows them "hanging around" together.

It's difficult to get a full view of them "schooling". If I use a flash the picture does not look right. If I increase the light shining directly into the tank, the fish hide in the vegitation. If I stick with the aquarium lighting most of the fish will blur no matter what aperature and shutter settings I use. I usually have to wait a while before shooting because if I come near the tank the curious fish will stop acting "natural" and congregate at the front of the glass - "feed us". If I back off, the blurriness increases. Tiger barbs are voracious feeders so feeding them won't slow them down.

The best I can do is take a lot of pictures, dozens of them, and pick ones that turn out best or at all.

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