Saturday, July 02, 2005

Red, White and Boom! Crew Boom!

For those of you who are not local to Columbus, Ohio you might not know about the "Red White and Boom" celebration downtown. Every Independence Day one of the local news stations and numerous sponsors throw a big shindig downtown on the riverfront. It is a good display of fireworks, choreographed to music. I guess Lexington, KY has one as well. It is a big thing.

This year my girlfriend and I (well, mostly her) wanted to go downtown amongst the half-million or so individuals. The plan was to park at the community college then walk six or seven blocks to the riverfront. Unfortunately, the girlfriend and I were feeling too tired and nauseated to fight the crowds and walk those six or seven blocks downtown. We decided the check out Crew Boom at Crew Stadium.

Entrance was free with a small, ten dollar parking fee.

The good:
  • Plenty of activities for the kids on the sacred turf and outside the stadium
  • We arrived too late but there were players signing autographs
  • The south bridge, the east side upper deck, and the northeast bridge had a good view of downtown
  • The fireworks after Red, White and Boom were more then respectable and somewhat made up for the parking fee
The bad:
  • I could have done without the verbal hand-sanitizer, i.e. the repeated “your safe” here away from all that (implied) bad stuff downtown. Knowing my luck, after all the family clean and “safe” atmosphere I would have returned to find my car broken into
  • The “small” fee; just come out and say $10 so I know what I’m in for.
  • The view of some fireworks was obstructed by the BWC Building and Nationwide Building #3
  • The fireworks were somewhat too far away.
All in all it was a good experience. It served it's purpose letting us enjoy the fireworks live with little or no effort and without the massive congestion and parking nightmares downtown would have had.

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