Sunday, July 10, 2005

Call of the Grouch, or Grouchy goes camping...

This weekend marked the first time in a long time that I have been camping. The family borrowed a tent and air mattress and pitched camp at a pay-to-camp park in Indiana.

We ended up camping under trees in front of a small, murky pond (wonderful frog noises at night). The site included a fire pit and two picnic tables. The grounds featured a lake with a small beach, paddle boats, canoes, a beach volleyball and basketball court, a playground, one indoor and one outdoor pool, miniature golf course, and three water slides (tube, corkscrew, and straight down).

The Good
  • the weekend was relaxing and I had fun most of the time
  • I wasn't at work

The Bad
  • the camp grounds were congested and at dusk everybody was burning their fires leaving the air thick with smoke
  • the facilities were small for the number of people present
  • the grounds were about a hundred feet from an interstate and truckers just love laying on their horns as they pass by during the early A.M. Hours
  • I got sunburned
We played miniature golf most of the time when we weren't walking around or cooking food. I bought week passes for the family to get us into the water slides, golf, and paddle boats. We never got to the paddle boats (booked most of the time), a kid puked in the outdoor pool eliminating one recreational outlet for a couple hours, the corkscrew water slide bruised my leg and nearly knocked one woman out cold. I learned via voice message from my doctor when I got to the grounds that my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are excessive; so alcohol and typical campground fare (hot dogs, burgers, cheese, smores, etc.) were out of the question.

If I were to go camping again it would probably be somewhere a little less congested or on someone's private property.

Still, it was better than sitting in my basement or watching my soccer team lose again.

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