Friday, July 01, 2005

Blogger pictures ...

Just testing...

The original size of this photo of my 55 and 40 gallon fish tanks was 1600x1200. Blogger photos sizing:
  • small: 200x150; divide by 8
  • medium: 320x240; divide by 5
  • large: 400x300; divide by 4
Clicking on the image takes you to a 1024x768 pixel image.

I can deal with that. What I have problems with is that it looks like blogger hard-codes the style in the img tag; i.e. margin and float properties.

Sigh. There is a purpose for style sheets. Why code this crap in every image when you can simply assign a class to it then allow positioning in the style sheet via template the "blogger" chose or the CSS coded by the author? All hard-coding does is cause problems formatting content (see style below) for template authors and CSS developers who are attempting to control the layout of the page.

Ditch the hard-coding of "style" attributes in published content.

The way to get around this annoyance is to go to Edit HTML and remove the offending crud while adding your own crud. A class for each position, perhaps?

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Mike said...

I tried the same thing yesterday. It seems to work similar to using Hello, with the exception that you can actually post multiple images to your entry.

I'm not sure which I prefer. I was highly annoyed with how the photos were laid out, and that caption tags are non-existant.