Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh what fun it is to style...

I guess recently, as of the 24th or so, started adding:

div style="clear: both;" /div
div style="clear: both; padding-bottom: 0.25em;" /div

around posts.

So here I am working on a simple stylesheet using the template provided. I carve out the numerous extra div elements and remove all the junk I can. Test it in IE, Firefox and my browser of choice: Opera 8. Everything looks good local.


So when I publish everything; nothing looks right. I go back, looking for clear: in the template's style element. None to be found. So I view the source. After noticing the problem and doing the standard Google search I find other folks have experienced the same amount of pain.


The current workaround is to place a:

div { clear: none !important; }

In your stylesheet.

Settings - Formatting - Enable float alignment will remove extra div elements

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